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Since its implementation in the spring of 1984 the Guelph Track and Field Club has consistently been at the forefront of competitive performances at the provincial and national level. Athletes from the club, on numerous occasions, have represented their country in international competition. The merger of the Guelph Track and Field Club and the Guelph Oaks Track and Field Club in 1999 ensured that the entire spectrum of athletic events is available to club members


The Guelph Track and Field Club formed in the summer of 1984 to help promote and develop amateur track and field in the City of Guelph. In addition the following principles were established as part of the clubs mission statement:

  • Develop a strong community awareness of amateur track and field
  • Provide coaching, appropriate to the needs of the athlete with a focus to produce elite level athletes
  • Develop facilities appropriate to the needs of the track and field community


                                                           New for 2017

FUNdamentals 2017

2017 Registration forms are now available. Please send a request to and the forms will be forwarded to you.

New Registration Procedures for Competitive/ non Competitive Members 2017

The Guelph Track and Field Club has reviewed its present registration format and determined that a simpler and better balanced format was necessary. With the new registration fee format each athlete can tailor their program and costs specific to their needs. Specifics will be posted as we near the 2017 registration period. Registration forms will be provided by the repsective coaches starting in early December.

Non Competitive/ High School

For athletes wishing to train with a focus towards their high school seasons Guelph Track will be adding as part of its regular competitive steam the opportunity to train within a structured environment for the high school competitive season.

Meet Management Services

Over the course of the last 20 years Guelph Track in addition to gaining national recognition for its many provincial and national titles also garnered simlar recognition for its meet mnagement capabilities. 3 National Track and Field Championships, over 20 provincial indoor, outdoor and cross country meets were organized and operated by Guelph Track's meet management team. Including high school track and field and cross country Guelph Track has been at the forefornt of meet management services for 20 plus years. With the introduction of state of the art finish line technology the club is now positioned to provide for meet organizers a complete range of services fitted to their specific needs.




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